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Canberra’s Hotel Realm debuts new French bistro Buvette

Hotel Realm Buvette

Canberra’s Realm precinct continues to expand its culinary options, debuting Buvette Bistro and Wine Bar, which features food inspired by the French countryside.

Buvette is a labour of love for Doma Hotels’ Executive Chef, Fabien Wagnon, who was born and raised in Northern France.

“Canberra’s eating scene has matured and there are now choices of many cuisines, but French food is sorely under represented considering its long tradition and popularity,” Wagnon said.

Hotel Realm Buvette 2

He said Doma Hotels set out to create a space people could spend time enjoying good food, great wine, excellent service and atmosphere. In particular, it wants guests to feel like there is no rush to be anywhere else.

While the restaurant focuses on French classics, Wagnon said, they are prepared with a modern sensibility. As a result, the menu is full of classic French dishes cooked with a nod to today’s preference for healthier food.

Hotel Realm Buvette 3

“Classical French food uses cream and butter,” Wagnon said. “At Buvette, our approach is to make lighter sauces. We use olive oil rather than butter and slow cook meats to get that beautiful flavour.”

The Precinct is also home to restaurants Chairman and Yip, Lilotang, Ostani and Maple and Clove.

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