Nearly one in five travellers now describe contactless room access as a 'must have'.
Aloft Keyless Entry Assa Abloy
Aloft key-less entry

Assa Abloy Hospitality’s Mobile Access, a highly advanced keyless entry solution developed specifically for the global hotel market, has now been successfully implemented on more than 100,000 guestroom door locks worldwide.

An important milestone that demonstrates the rapidly growing demand for digital key functionality, this dramatic increase in the number of installations also confirms Assa Abloy Hospitality as a leading provider of mobile access solutions.

With consumers increasingly demanding instant service and satisfaction, Mobile Access provides guests with a vital tool that allows them to take charge of their hotel stay experience from the moment they arrive.

The convenient mobile-phone-based solution allows them to use their own smart device as a room key and go directly to their assigned room, eliminating the need to wait in line at the front desk for check-in or check-out.

“Since Assa Abloy Hospitality introduced the concept of using your mobile phone as a room key and won 2008’s ‘Touching the Future’ competition held in Monaco and organized by the NFC Forum and the WIMA Conference, we have continued to capture the interest of both hoteliers and their guests in hospitality markets around the globe,” said Assa Abloy Hospitality President, Tim Shea.

“We are proud to see this paradigm-shifting solution reach 100,000 guestroom installations. Its exponential growth worldwide demonstrates the industry’s need for a platform that pushes hotel convenience and security to new levels.”

Powered by Seos, the world’s first multi-platform ecosystem for issuing, delivering and revoking digital keys across a broad range of smart devices, Mobile Access can be accessed via BLE compatible mobile phones, tablets or wearables such as smart watches.

Available to guests as a mobile app download, Mobile Access provides properties with several options for implementing the solution.

Properties may choose to integrate the service into their own existing mobile app and back end system, or opt to provide a basic Mobile Access solution, which can be accomplished using Assa Abloy Hospitality’s off-the-shelf solution.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management