QT Bondi lobby

QT Bondi is set to open its doors on schedule on Monday December 21 just as parent company Amalgamated Holdings Limited (AHL) changes name to Event Hospitality and Entertainment Limited.

Event Hospitality and Entertainment Limited’s Group Managing Director David Seargeant says guests can expect something unique for the brand at QT Bondi.

“Bondi Beach and its surrounding community is undeniably a unique and quintessentially Australian experience, and it seems only fitting that a brand such as ours in QT Hotels and Resorts, and which has earned a reputable niche for its quirky, individual style and edgy aesthetic, now serves this special destination with an offering befitting its unique character,” he said.

QT Bondi features 69 apartment-style luxury guest suites designed by Nic Graham and art by celebrated Australian-born London-based artist Shaun Gladwell.

It also embraces new technology, distinctive art and cutting edge design, whilst retaining QT’s distinctive sense of quirk, fun and unique design philosophy.

QT Bondi room NEW

“Like all QT properties, QT Bondi offers a totally subversive experience into the immediate community that is Bondi. More than simply the beach, Bondi’s legendary lifestyle, thick with a teaming café culture, burgeoning restaurant scene, inspiring range of outdoor activities, and plethora of cool shopping destinations has made this one of the most coveted seaside suburbs in the whole of Australia,” Seargeant said.

QT Bondi has white base palette and popping pastels with light wooden installations in the open spaces and décor with a playful beachside edge, which exude vibrancy and transience – the lobby installations by Gladwell, who works with video and new media, creates a design punch on arrival.

“Shaun Gladwell draws extensively on the intense physical energy of the local context, blending kinetic movement with the landscape to evoke a brooding almost calming and still sense of romance,” said Amanda Love, QT Hotels and Resorts’ Art Curator.

“This provides a fascinating juxtaposition against the almost extreme sport experience to provide a thoughtfully measured perspective that truly connects with the Bondi experience.”

QT Bondi room NEW 2

Moving away from the bore of normal hospitality ‘uniforms’, renowned costume designer, Janet Hine has created hotel ‘characters’ jam-packed with buoyancy and boldness which encapsulate the Bondi lifestyle.

Each guest suite comes with a kitchenette for a relaxed in-house dining at leisure, from casual breakfasting to a relaxed dinner as one may choose, and using the stellar array of leading food destinations surrounding, from butchers and fishmongers, to quality fruit and vegetable purveyors, as well as an enormous selection of groceries stores, charcuteries, bottle shops, and other specialist retailers.

The move from AHL to Event Hospitality and Entertainment Limited comes following the news shareholders yesterday approved the change.

“This is an exciting time and monumental pivot point in the history of the Company,” Seargeant said. “Whilst the re-naming process was not undertaken without considerable thought and reflection we believe that the new name will better capture the contemporary nature of the businesses and future growth philosophy, as well as providing additional momentum and energy to the Company and assist with market awareness.

“The Event name now reflects what we do and will build upon the brand awareness that has been such an important part of the Company’s recent growth and strength.

“As to be expected, there are a lot of amendments required throughout the Event Group to properly reflect the new name. We anticipate that this transition will occur over the next few weeks,” he said.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management