Brewmaster Freestanding
BrewMaster FreestandingIf you were at the HM Awards recently you would have enjoyed a fresh beer from a WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. The BrewMaster Freestanding, launched in 2011 by this Kiwi company, has enjoyed global success. The breweries make 23 litres of cold, clear, perfectly carbonated, professional quality beer in 7 days and are being bought by both individuals and companies. One owner submitted his 3rd brew to the Asia Beer Awards in Singapore in 2012 and beat 45 of the worlds’ largest breweries to win Gold in the German Pilsner category. He became the first home brewer to beat the big boys in an International Beer Competition.

The cost of a 23L batch (making 44 pints or 5.5 dozen 330ml bottles) is $51.30, the equivalent of $1.11 per 500ml draft pint or $9.33 “per dozen”, so the savings are significant.

Brewmaster BenchBrewMaster BenchRecently the company launched the BrewMaster Bench which was also at the HM Awards. This model is ideal for an alfresco area, as it can be plumbed into the water mains and has a sink and tap for ease of cleaning and brewing.

BrewkegBrewKegEqually as exciting is the upcoming launch of the WilliamsWarn BrewKeg. From the success of the BrewMaster range, the company has developed a cheaper product that can be used by bars and cafes to increase profitability. The BrewKegs have the same natural carbonation and clarification aspects to them as the BrewMasters and just need the bar to provide some warmth during fermentation before they are wheeled into the chiller. They are then clarified and then connected to the existing draft beer tap system of the bar. There will be 50L, 25L and 10L BrewKegs, all of which can make beer in 7 days, giving good savings to a bar as well as eliminating the need to invest in an expensive brew pub if you want to make your own beverages onsite.

HM AwardsHMawardsThe Brewmaster models can be bought on the WilliamsWarn website, through selected Harvey Norman stores nationwide and E&S Trading in Victoria. 

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