Finding a kettle which fits under the basin tap, gets around problems of power point placement and looks the
part can be a frustrating quest for busy hotel staff. At Weatherdon we are tireless in our pursuit of the perfect
products to cover all bases so our clientele can concentrate on the work at hand and not waste precious time
sourcing room supplies.

We are proud to announce a new addition to our family of fabulous and functional electrical appliances … the
Nero Bambino Kettles. From the fundamental features such as a concealed element and 360 degree cordless
base, to the added bonus of an energy efficient 1300 watts of power and compact design, this kettle is a little

A safety lock lid with boil dry protection, 0.9L capacity, neat 72cm cable length and one year warranty fits the
brief for all accommodation spaces.

Sold in cartons of 6 with the following product codes:

Black – 74011 / White -740012

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body image_descaler For more information on our extensive range of quality products please email sales@weatherdon.com.au or visit our website at www.weatherdon.com.au

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