AIC Cambodia Kelly Chan Dara

Asia Initiative Corporation (AIC), one of Cambodia’s leading hotel and hospitality management companies, will provide local hospitality clients with specialist professional pre-opening, consultancy and events management services under its AICPLUS+ brand.

The new venture, a first for the fast growing Cambodian hospitality sector, will assist owners gain maximum returns from new hotel and resort start-ups.

The first hotel under the AICPLUS+ brand is the 12 room, 6 villas Alison Angkor Boutique Villa & Resort, which will be opened in May 2015, it is located at central Siem Reap.

Created by leading Cambodian hotel management executive, Kelly Chan Dara and AIC’s highly experienced local hotel and hospitality executive team, AICPLUS+ will provide new resource for the Cambodian hospitality sector, which is growing at 25 per cent annually.

“Many owners want to self-manage or appoint and oversee a manager for a new property but don’t necessarily have the expertise to put the necessary components in place for a positive, profitable start up,” said Dara, vice president and co-founder of AIC.

“The new service includes a business plan, operational procedures, staff recruitment, provision of uniforms, sales, marketing and public relations programs, accounting systems plus purchasing Manchester, cutlery, furniture and much more.

“Then there is the official launch, which requires an integration of sales and marketing with F&B and guest relations and inbound tourism operators. Only AICPLUS+ is providing this specialist service,” he said.

Together, AIC and AIC Plus+ offer professional management, training and strategic planning as well as opinions on the sale, purchase, renovation and the setting up and operation of new properties. Each provides events management services and ongoing consultancy.

Based in Siem Reap, AIC is working with hotel proprietors to expand operations in Cambodia and other SE Asia regions.

The first properties in the AIC portfolio were the 30-room Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap that opened 21 months ago, and the special traditional Cambodia country accommodation, The Bong Thom Home Stay which is managed under AIC’s project management division. It features two separate houses each comprising two bedrooms. Also in Siem Reap is the Hollywood Angkor Hotel with 21 rooms that opened in August 2014.

“AIC aspires to be the leader in corporate management, development and curatorship for the hotel, resort, restaurants, hospitality and tourism industries in Cambodia,” said Dara.

“The new management service under the AICPLUS+ brand is an exciting initiative for our nine-member consortium of hotel and hospitality professionals.

“AIC’s formidable team has expertise and international standard management experience in every facet of the hotel and hospitality industry.

“Our strategy is to take Cambodian hotel management to a higher level with benefits to guests, staff and owners.

“We are working towards opening more hotels in Cambodia and other parts of South East Asia and we also have our sights set on purchasing and running our own property under the AIC banner,” said Dara.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management