Chinese visitors Sydney Harbour EDITED

Tourism and hospitality operators can learn how to lure the 650,000 big spending Chinese visitors a year to Australia, projected to grow to 1.4 million in several years, through a comprehensive training and accreditation program delivered by Blue Mountains Hospitality Consulting (BMHC).

BMHC has signed an exclusive rights agreement with China Ready and Accredited to implement a global roll out to major hospitality, tourism, travel and retail shopping brands.

Participants of the China Ready and Accredited (CRA) program, through BMHC’s face to face delivery with dynamic simulation and role play, will learn how to market to and welcome the growing flood of Chinese travellers in a culturally appropriate manner.

CRA is the only program endorsed by official Chinese organisations such as way UnionPay with 4 billion payment cards on issue (all Chinese visitors carry a UnionPay card).

“We are delighted to lead the rollout to industry of this very important China Ready and Accredited program,” said BMHC Director of Consulting, Randall Walker.

“Garry Crockett and his CRA team have done some criticaI foundation work that industry can take advantage of.

“Opportunities with the Chinese visitor market are undeniably huge,” Walker said.

He said the China Ready and Accredited program would be valuable to any hospitality and tourism businesses that wished to pursue the Chinese tourism market such as accommodation providers; restaurants, cafes, caterers and bars; tourism organisations; attractions and theme parks; event, venue and entertainment providers; cruise lines; airlines; shopping malls and transport, tour and adventure operators.

Established in February 2014 and evolved from within the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, BMHC represents a convenient and trusted single point of contact for clients to access a pool of tourism and hospitality talent, specialists in their respective fields.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management