Pat Rafter Mantra on Little Bourke

By James Wilkinson

Pat Rafter has re-signed on as Mantra’s ambassador, just two days before the company lists on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Mantra will become a $500 million listed company on Friday afternoon (June 20) and signing Rafter as the company’s ambassador for another two years couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Mantra is a great young Australian brand and I’m really pleased to be working with them as they transition to a publicly listed company and all the opportunities this affords them,” Rafter said.

Mantra Group CEO Bob East says the listing will allow the company to capitalize on a number of opportunities in the market.

“The listing of Mantra Group will allow us greater flexibility in delivering on that growth pipeline and I look forward to welcoming fellow investors as part of this process,” he said.

Pat_Rafter Mantra on Salt Beach Kingscliff

Mantra Group Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Distribution, Kent Davidson, said the company was pleased to continue the relationship with Rafter and he would be an integral piece of the company’s expansion after the listing.

“Pat clearly resonates with the Australian public as a respected and trusted figure and we have greatly benefited from our association with him,” he said. “He is well and truly part of the Mantra family and we love working with him.

“The further injection of capital resulting from our public listing will give us a great opportunity to realise our plans for expansion and Pat will be an integral part of that journey.”

At the recent NZHIC Conference in Auckland in early June, HM spoke to East about the listing and to view the video, click on the YouTube image below.

HM will have extensive coverage of the event on Friday, including an interview with East and the Mantra Group executive team.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management