Lizard Island couple on beach

Based on the advice from various meteorological sources, Lizard Island has taken precautionary measures for the potential onset of the category 5 Cyclone Ita, which is currently headed toward the Far North Queensland coast.

“As the safety of our guests and staff is paramount, we made the early decision to close the Island on Wednesday of this week and transferred all our staff and guests back to the mainland over the last few days,” owners Delaware North Companies said in a statement received by HM.

“There were 31 guests on the Island and 63 staff when the decision was made to close the Island. No staff have remained on the Island due to the severe cyclone warnings we have received.

“If it stays on its current course, Cyclone Ita, now forecast as a Category 5 Cyclone, is predicted to pass through the far north Queensland area on the evening of Friday, April 11.

“We will continue to track the course of the cyclone and will review the situation on Island once it is safe for our assessment team to return.

“We do not expect to be able to return to the Island earlier than Sunday, April 13.

As a result Lizard Island will now remain closed until Monday, April 21 inclusive and no reservations will be taken for travel during this time.

“We are working closely with our guests to schedule alternative accommodation throughout this period,” Delaware North said.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management