Will Hodgman Tasmanian Premier

The accommodation industry has welcomed the election of Will Hodgman as Tasmania’s new Premier.

Speaking on behalf of the industry, the Chief Executive Officer of the Accommodation Association of Australia, Richard Munro, said that Hodgman will bring a new enthusiasm to the Tasmanian Government’s approach to tourism.

“The accommodation industry is pleased that Premier-elect Hodgman has a strong understanding of tourism, having held the portfolio in Opposition, and elevating it to one of the five pillars of Tasmania’s future economy,” Munro said.

“Couple this with the strong mandate for reform that Mr Hodgman has received and there’s every chance that the broader business environment in Tasmania will improve, bringing higher returns for accommodation businesses.

“Once Tasmania’s fiscal challenges are overcome, there may also be an opportunity for the Hodgman Government to invest in major tourism infrastructure, such as a new convention centre in Hobart,” he said.

Munro said the Accommodation Association looks forward to the implementation of the Liberals’ tourism policies, including the establishment of an Events and Regional Economic Stimulus Program and removing red tape for Tourism Tasmania.

“These changes are set to provide support for and therefore, create an environment where tourism and accommodation businesses in Tasmania can grow strongly,” Mr Munro said.

“There is potential for Tasmania to graduate from being a sought-after place for domestic visitors to one of the world’s must-see destinations.”

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management