Ibis is taking the meaning of the ultimate sleep to a new level, taking a bed into the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Accor says to prove that the Sweet Bed by Ibis “provides absolute comfort for everyone to see”, the advertising team at Ibis has come up with the supreme test: sleeping where nobody has ever ventured to spend a night before.

Adventurer Aaron Chervenak has taken on a mad challenge to sink into the arms of slumber atop Mount Roraima, in Brazil. And Ibis decided to bring web browsers an immersive website to follow the expedition featuring Aaron and the Sweet Bed by Ibis 2,810 meters high, on this mountain, for the most extreme “torture test” a bed has ever endured.

Ibis bed amazon

The Ibis expedition stars a shock team determined to prove that the Sweet Bed provides the ultimate comfort, even in one of the remotest—and most incongruous—spots on earth.

The selected spot, Mount Roraima in Brazil, is renowned as one of the planet’s most hostile and hardest to reach. To take it on, Aaron and his sidekick Gareth teamed up with a professional crew comprising Joe Wiesenburger (a doctor), Hayley Edmonds (a producer) and Sylla Saint-Guily (her assistant). The website provides a genuine day-to-day documentary. The trek to the ultimate goal starts in Manaus, and is packed with twists, turns, pitfalls and surprises, which browsers can follow on the digital platform developed especially for this one-of-a-kind challenge.

The HTML5 website in 11 languages brings this riveting experience to PCs, Macs and tablets. It is fun, intuitive and enables browsers to savour the quest and let them into insider-exclusive insights, when and as they please, with a wealth of navigation options.

Ibis bed adventurers

The features and content for browsers to experience the adventure as if they were on it, throughout the expedition, include:
– Multi-camera footage for browsers to choose their viewing angle, courtesy of GoPro
– Aerial cameras
– 360° views from the summit of Mount Roraima, which browsers can direct with their fingertips
– Insider content throughout the adventure (interviews, curious scenes, and director’s cuts)
– The five heroes’ Twitter and Instagram updates on the website
The platform and all the emotion-packed extra content can be shared on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). This entire platform has been designed for everyone to on-board the adventure.

“The Ibis network has 1,000 hotels in 58 countries today, and has made a promise to customers: ‘now, the best place to sleep is everywhere’… we wanted to show that—quirkily, in synch with our latest campaigns, and tangibly, to prove that the Sweet Bed by Ibis really does provide absolute comfort,” said Lara Faguais, who is in charge of Accor’s economy hotel business at the Media and Publicity Strategy department.

“When we were thinking about this digital experience and putting it together, we wanted it to be bold, categorically up-to-the-minute, and to take Ibis where nobody was expecting it.”

Check out all of the action, click here.

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