Ayers Rock Resort Tali Wiru - EDITED

The newly appointed Board of Directors for Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia has thoroughly endorsed the achievements made at Ayers Rock during their first Board Meeting held at the Resort late last week (Dec 6).

“There is no doubt that the management has achieved significant success over the last two years,” said Chairperson Lisa Gay.

“I was most impressed with Ayers Rock Resort itself and in particular the achievements in Indigenous employment, training and development.

“Indigenous employees have risen from just two staff two years ago to 215 staff today. There has been 47 graduates from the National Indigenous Training Academy and the Indigenous Tourism product on offer is outstanding.

“It has been very beneficial for the new board members to visit Ayers Rock Resort and see first-hand the stunning redevelopment of the Sails in the Desert Hotel, the completion of the new Uluru Meeting Place conference facility and the general high standards of service that is now on offer to guests.”

The entire board, including ILC Chairperson Dawn Casey who joined the group at the Resort, reiterated their complete support for the management team with assurances that the Board of Directors will continue to assist in ensuring that the high standards of service now present at Ayers Rock Resort continue well into the future.

“The overwhelming feeling the board took away from their first meeting was a sense of incredible optimism,” Gay said. “This is a place built on optimism, with the desire to bring the world close to the spiritual heart of Australia. Along the way it has become a symbol of optimism for the future of many indigenous people.”