Art Series Bendigo studio

Art Series Hotel Group is expanding is offering with the opening of two ‘Art Series Studios’ properties over the next 13 months.

Owners Asian Pacific Group’s CEO Will Deague said the Art Series Studios “promise to deliver guests an innovative art experience in a design rich environment in leading urban and regional locations around Australia”.

“Following the success of our Melbourne based hotels The Olsen, The Blackman and The Cullen, we identified an exciting opportunity for more compact, affordable accommodation solutions in regional towns and cities that we could bring our successful art inspired concept to,” he said.

Deague said unlike The Olsen, The Cullen and The Blackman hotels, which “inhabit a gallery like-feeling”, the Studios will “boast a more eclectic, understated environment, reflecting an artist studio – a space for comfortable contemplation, creation and inspired thinking for guests”.

The first Art Series Studio property will open in Bendigo in May 2014 followed by a second in Parkville, Melbourne to be named the Larwill Studio.

Deague said each Studio hotel will be named after and draw inspiration from a leading Australian contemporary artist like their Art Series Hotel counterparts.

He said the Bendigo Studio namesake is yet to be announced but the Group can promise “more bold, dynamic colours from a Victorian artist”.

Deague confirmed all staff at the Studio properties would be fully trained by Art Series Hotel Group’s art curator and be able to offer informative tours of the hotel artwork while offering the best insights to cultural experiences available in each location.