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It remains ‘business as usual’ for Star Ratings in Australia, despite the dissolution of Club Tourism, a joint-venture between AA Tourism in New Zealand and AAA Tourism in Australia.

A result of the dissolution, AAA Tourism will cease operations on December 31, 2013, with the Australian assets transferring to Australian Motoring Services (AMS) on behalf of the Australian Auto Clubs, including Star Ratings.

“AMS will assume management of the Star Ratings scheme in Australia on behalf of the Australian Auto Clubs,” Club Tourism CEO, Moira Penman, said in a letter to the industry.

“From January 1, 2014, Star Ratings will operate as a stand-alone accreditation business with a focus on producing independent and reliable accommodation ratings,” she said.

When contacted by HM, AAA Tourism was unable to comment on the changes, however, it was conveyed that it remains “business as usual” for the Star Ratings scheme going forward.

Penman said the dissolution to dissolve the joint venture was “the result of a number of factors, such as the rapid expansion of digital media channels in the travel and tourism sector and declining print advertising revenues for accommodation guide books”.

“The decision to wind-up CTP Australian publishing operations and the AAA Tourism business has not been taken lightly and is the result of considered analysis by the CTP board, partners and management,” she said.

HM understands around 30 jobs will go as a result of the closure of AAA Tourism, a figured not confirmed by the organisation.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management