Samsung has introduced its new range of Hospitality Displays with the new 890 Series and 690 Series.  The new Samsung LYNK™ SINC, H-Browser and Screen Mirroring features allow Hotel Mangers great flexibility.

Samsung LYNK™ SINC & H-Browser

Samsung LYNK™ SINC allows hotel managers to deliver information directly to guest’s via the in-room TVs. This IP based hospitality display management solution offers customisable TV content management with no need for set top boxes.

LYNK™ SINC provides hotel managers with independent control over content and display management while providing interactivity to guests with easy access to popular Social Networking Sites simultaneously.

With LYNK™ SINC and Smart Hub Hotel Managers can combine exceptional hotel service, premium content and popular applications for an outstanding guest experience. For easy management LYNK™ SINC provides a customisable User Interface with multiple language support and various templates. Hotel Managers can select an interface that suits the Hospitality Brand or Property and then use the advanced User Interface to create and edit menus, images, text and video clips. Guests can receive all the information they require such as Hotel Service, Tourist Information and Weather with multi-language support.

H-Browser enables hotel managers to easily manage content and hotel TVs by using SI solution accompanied by regular maintenance checkups and a wide range of SI provided content.

Screen Mirroring

The Samsung Screen Mirroring function enables guests to share their screens of their compatible mobile devices on the TV. By connecting the mobile devices with the TV using Wi-Fi, Screen Mirroring allows the screen images to appear on the TV screen as they do on compatible smartphones and tablets so that guests can watch their content on a larger screen.



James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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