Another 100 or more prehistoric creatures have arrived at Palmer Coolum Resort on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast as work continues to build a dinosaur park set to be the largest in the world, boasting over 160 exhilarating exhibits.

In July this year Sunshine Coast Regional Council gave the go-ahead for construction of the park to begin and since then engineers have been carefully assembling and placing the Jurassic giants in their new surroundings.

Situated within natural vegetation overlooking the lake at Palmer Coolum Resort, the park will be known as ‘Palmersaurus’ when it opens to the public in late November or early December this year, just in time for the busy summer holidays.

Blending seamlessly into the realistic prehistoric environment, the replica dinosaurs will range in size with the largest a Ruyangosaurus that will stand over 10 metres tall, which is 1.5 metres higher than ‘Jeff’, Palmer Coolum Resort’s roaring T-Rex.

Palmersaurus 2

Some dinosaurs will be stationary while others will take on a more lifelike pose with realistic limb movements, snapping jaws and guttural growls activated whenever a visitor draws near.

Entertaining, informative and educational will be the Palmersaurus buzzwords with resort guests and visitors able to hire the park for children’s birthday parties or other special occasions.

But the fun isn’t just for the youngsters; the park will be available for memorable evening cocktail functions where subtle lighting in the unique prehistoric setting is sure to thrill and excite guests.

“Imagine holding a birthday party for a group of children in an exciting Jurassic environment like Palmersaurus; it’s every child’s dream and will be lots of fun,” said Palmer Coolum Resort General Manager Bill Schoch.

“It will be a truly interactive experience and Palmer Coolum Resort is delighted to be providing an attraction for the Sunshine Coast that is completely different to anything else we have here.

“We know it will be a big hit with children, parents and anyone who has either an interest in prehistoric creatures or is looking for a function venue that is absolutely unique in every way imaginable,” he said.