Featuring the HiPro Technology


Dometic HiPro redefines the standards of contemporary miniBar design – the outcome of more than eight decades of consistent research and development. With maximum customer satisfaction in mind we have scrutinised all the expectations in terms of comfort and technology. The result is bound to convince you: HiPro miniBars – innovative thinking perfectly put into practice. HiPro miniBars excel by their high quality and progressive design paired with a host of innovative technological details. This unique combination has a name: HiPro technology. It evokes a whole new quality dimension – something you can only expect from Dometic.

The quality HiPro miniBar has an innovative design and a look that is second to none when it comes to the interior design of your guest room. With quality features including FuzzyLogic, a sensor-controlled LED interior light, adjustable temperature settings and a modular drawer and shelve system, the Dometic HiPro range is the perfect choice for all hotels.

Dometic HiPro miniBars also have the unique, sensor-controlled surveillance of the cooling unit (CUC) which measures the cooling performance and also adds the benefit of detecting micro leaks if they occur.
With the stunning looks and performance technology of the Dometic HiPro miniBar, why look anywhere else for your hotel miniBar needs?

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James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management