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Luxperience has announced a partnership with technology firm TravMedia that will enhance the quality and quantity of product information exchange between sellers, buyers and media before, during and after the high-end travel show which takes place 1-4 September 2013 in Sydney.

The Luxperience Online Marketplace will give all three groups instant access to multimedia collateral such as brochures, images, videos, fact sheets and the latest press announcements that take place in and around the show.

Exhibitors will have all their marketing materials and news in one easy-to-access online platform. Buyers will have downloadable exhibitor content including pricing on their mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Michelle Papas, Director of Marketing and Buyer Relations for Luxperience, said that the LuxMedia platform created by TravMedia and Luxperience would allow delegates to connect and follow each other, review bios of people they are meeting with and explore travel plans of people in their network.

Luxperience will facilitate around 26,000 meetings over the three-day event, which will attract highly qualified buyers and exhibitors working in the luxury and high-end experiential travel realm. Specialised media will also attend.

All registered buyers, sellers and media will be able to login to the Luxperience Online Marketplace, upload information and interact on their mobile devices and computers from 12 August. Daily summaries of news and activities relating to Luxperience, including its Thought Leaders Forum on 1
September, will be circulated from the start of August.

“The LuxMedia proposition is simple… it adds timely and relevant substance to support fast-paced scheduled meetings,” said TravMedia CEO and Founder, Nick Wayland. “It also brings credibility and proof points to business negotiations.”

Wayland said that TravMedia launched its trade solutions company TravTrade earlier this year to cater to the needs of trade show organisers and travel industry professionals who were looking for customized solutions for their events and online initiatives.

The LuxMedia Online Marketplace is exclusive to delegates of Luxperience. Registered Luxperience delegates can access LuxMedia at from 25 August.