AHSAHS continues to make changes to its Workplace Health and Safety and Injury Management platform to safeguard and reduce risks in major hotels.

Through the recent merger with the Chandler Macleod Group, AHS has increased its resources and infrastructure to more effectively manage this critical area of operation. Most of the major hotel groups that partner with AHS have key performance indicators in the area of injury prevention, risk mitigation, and accident reporting.

To continue to ensure compliance and best practice, AHS now has access to Chandler Macleod’s vast network and resources. Additionally, AHS has introduced new senior management positions and new systems solely focused on the prevention of injuries through risk identification, assessment, prevention, and elimination.

From a hotel point of view, having a partner with aligned interests and goals protects their businesses from the growing risk of workers compensation and Workplace Health and Safety compliance.

For more information regarding AHS’s Work Health & Safety commitment please contact Jay Markland- WHS Manager, at jmarkland@ahshospitality.com.au.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management