In the hospitality industry, the provision of housekeeping at a quality standard is critical for achieving guest satisfaction.  However, it is difficult to measure the quality of cleaning on a systematic, unbiased, and consistent basis.

Current programs such as email based questionnaires, third party websites, or direct guest feedback are often reactionary thus only providing information after the guest leaves the hotel.

In order to provide a proactive approach, AHS Hospitality has upgraded its quality inspection platform to provide critical data in areas such as cleanliness, room presentation, and maintenance reporting.



Last month, AHS implemented new Samsung Series 7 Slate PCs equipped with an updated version of our quality inspection programmed called “Assure Quality”. This program allows users to electronically input joint quality inspection results which are then used to create detailed reports and action plans.  As a result, AHS can target specific areas of cleaning before they are noticed by a future guest.

AHS believes that a proactive approach to maintaining quality will lead to greater guest satisfaction than retroactively managing benchmarks through guest feedback.




James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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