Claus Sendlinger

Design Hotels’ founder Claus Sendlinger has been confirmed as the keynote speaker at the inaugural Design Inn Symposium 2012, being held in Sydney on October 16.

Presented by leading hotel and leisure refurbishment and fitout contractor ISIS, and supported by HM, the Design Inn Symposium 2012 is being held the day before AHICE at Swissotel Sydney and will feature delegates, panellists and speakers from across the world.

ISIS Group Executive Hotels and Leisure, Brett Patterson, said Design Inn 2012 will feature a wide range of international design experts and influencers offering insight into hotel trends and developments, including Sendlinger who is flying in from Berlin exclusively for the event.

“The conference will touch on a number of important issues, but clearly the rise of the Asian tourist dollar is a very topical subject and one that I’m sure is at the forefront of everyone’s mind,” Patterson said.

“We are already a decade into what is fast becoming known as the Asian Century and, given Australia’s close proximity to China, it is extremely important that we understand what will tempt the Asian traveller in the decades to come.”

The conference will also feature an important discussion on how mid-market hotels can be transformed into ‘upmarket’, designer travel destinations, with a focus on minimising cost and disruption to business.

“We will also be exploring international hotel design trends across Asia, Europe and the United States, as well as how to assess the financial returns from investing in new hotel designs and refurbishments,” Patterson said.

“Claus is a genuine tourism expert with decades of experience in the event and travel industries and the marketing of lifestyle hotels.

“His contribution to the conference will be invaluable and provide attendees with an insight into how to provide quality, high-end lifestyle destinations for global travellers.”

Design Inn will be held on Tuesday 16 October 2012, at the Swissotel, 68 Market Street Sydney, on the day before the Australasian Hotel Industry Conference and Exhibition (AHICE) is held at the same venue.

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James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management