For many of your guests, their entertainment world revolves around a TV. So that’s why Samsung has taken hospitality TVs to a whole new level with the Samsung Smart Hub and Smart Widget Solution.

Smart Hub and Smart Widget solution offers your guests an extra level of engagement and flexibility. It provides you with the ability to deliver customised content to your guests via the TV screen providing improved customer satisfaction and increased repeat business:

  • Set top box enables premium interactive services and remote TV control is integrated with the unit so there is no need to install and maintain an external STB – helping you to be more cost effective.
  • Easy to use CMS (Content Management Solution), enabling you to effortlessly select templates, edit text, images and video clips to compose the content you wish to provide.
  • Supports a highly flexible and sophisticated UI allowing you to deliver a hotel specific or customised guest experience.
  • Highly flexible user interface which allows you to provide a customised channel list, welcome message or instant message per guest or group of guests.
  • Your guests can experience a wide variety of web based applications through the Samsung Smart Hub Smart TV platform such as social networking and entertainment packages making them truly feel at home.

The Smart Widget Solution is good news for your guests and good news for your business thanks to the ability to deliver a better guest experience while achieving the lowest total cost of ownership.

The Samsung LED Series 790 has raised the standard for premium Hospitality Displays. Combining the latest in LED technology with an elegant eye-catching design, it will become the focal point of your rooms.

With the image enhancing Slim LED technology and the latest in 3D imaging technology, the Series 790 delivers the highest image quality while providing your guests with an immersive 3D entertainment experience.


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James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management