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Industry calls for more Tasmanian flights

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

The Accommodation Association of Australia is urging the Tasmanian Government to assist with ensuring additional air access to the state is a success, ensuring that airlines will continue to provide extra seats for travellers to the state.

The Association, whose members operate more than 1000 accommodation rooms in Tasmania, says it’s vital that all stakeholders work together to make the most of this tremendous opportunity.

“Our industry has been pushing for greater air access to Tasmania for the past year and we welcome the extra seats and additional flights that will soon come on line,” said the Accommodation Association’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Munro.

“The airlines, the State Government – which established an Access Working Group to examine the issue – Tourism Tasmania and Tourism Industry Council Tasmania deserve credit for helping to bring about change.

“There are direct economic links between more seats on flights to Tasmania and tourism investment, providing accommodation operators with a much-needed injection of confidence.

“For the additional air access to be successful so that it continues, our industry would like to see an increased commitment to marketing.

“Accommodation operators have indicated in the past that they are willing to participate in cooperative marketing initiatives and we would like to see the State Government make a similar stronger commitment to marketing.

“Tourism is a vital industry for Tasmania and opportunities like this do not come along very often, therefore it is critical that the benefits that flow from it are maximised.

“This will inevitably promote greater investment in tourism accommodation infrastructure and by extension, jobs will be created in Tasmania,” he said.



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