Yardley Hospitality has served the hospitality industry since 1999 supplying Hotels, Motels, Apartments and Tourist Parks throughout Australia. Through every trend and development, our specialty within the industry has always been our deep understanding of your every need, and unique ability to fulfil those needs. This has garnered our long, successful history of providing a wide range of products from many leading brands. Quality; pricing; energy efficiency; we supply only the highest standard of products, tailoring a complete package of electrical appliances to suit your needs.

We care about your business – our governing aim is always to supply good quality, reliable products to our customers. Quality brands have far superior back-up services and replacement policies, whereas budget brands tend to involve poor, time consuming replacement policies and offer less option for service agents. Not to mention, that using products with low failure rates, as with top quality brands, means staff need not dedicate unnecessary time organising the replacement of faulty products.

We offer quality brands at competitive prices – when it comes to our customers, we can afford to care. Our insight into which products have a good track-record in the industry and which products are suiting demand for advances in technology, is just one of the benefits you will experience using a centralised provider in supplying electrical appliances and specialised hospitality items.

We specialise in hotel televisions – with options that are ideal for either standalone use or the Interactive Movie System of your choice. We can help you choose the television your hotel needs, from our impressive selection of top brands including Samsung.

Yardley Hospitality will assist you in finding the complete package to suit your needs.





James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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