Guests don’t know about cabling, they just want HD quality pictures and experience.  Now, hoteliers can offer the highest quality HD pictures with either existing coaxial cabling, CAT5e cabling or a ‘mixture of both’ infrastructure.

iBAHN’s latest Hybrid IP technology provides a high definition IP solution for hotels that have not yet upgraded their infrastructure to CAT5e/6 cabling between the riser cabinet and TV locations.    The quality and well priced solution can be used to deliver iBAHN’s ETVi & iMEDIA services in properties where high definition on a large screen LCD panel TV is required.

“With our Hybrid IP solution, the iBAHN Head End and Set Top Boxes remain the same as we use for a complete CAT5/6, but we do leverage on the last drop coaxial cable to the TV location.  This has allowed us to provide true HD quality to the TV, but minimizes the inconvenience for the hotel when there is a changeover to full CAT5e/6 in future. We have taken the long term view of working with our partners,” said Allan Smith, iBAHN’s Managing Director for APAC South.

iBAHN is currently installing this solution at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, allowing the property to offer guests HD quality for a fraction of the price of recabling.

“We had a huge challenge and cost associated to upgrading our guestrooms to full CAT5e cabling; the iBAHN IP solution has now provided us with the quality expected by our valued guests at fraction of the cost involved to upgrade hotel rooms,” said Four Seasons Systems & IT Manager, Frazer King.

iBAHN’s ETVi solution is the ultimate on-screen & entertainment system.  The IPTV platform offers  access to TV, movies and online content in full HD. The easy-to-navigate television system, which features a modern & customisable design, is a natural complement to the most prestigious hotel brands. The ETVi solution is fully customisable and offers links to amenities pages and special offers to drive repeat and add-on business.

Further enriching the in-room entertainment experience, using ETVi in tandem with iBAHN’s iMEDIA internet application allows travellers to access the limitless content of the internet on their in-room TVs, including just-missed television, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

iBAHN’s entertainment and information technologies, in addition to their broadband solutions, allow hotels to differentiate themselves by offering technology that exceeds what travellers are used to in their own homes, drive revenue via promotions and special offers and customise their solutions to reflect their brand.

To find out more about any of iBAHN’s IPTV & broadband solutions contact Trudi Chambers on
+61 412 302899 or 1300 0 iBAHN.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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