The Zeta Bar Farmers Market

Hilton Sydney’s Zeta Bar is bringing the farmer’s market to the cocktail drinker, with a special Friday night event being held each week that focuses on fresh produce and full consumer interactivity.

Patrons at Zeta Bar can meander around the market and build their own ‘Farmer’s Mix’, handpicking seasonally fresh fruit, herbs and spices from the stalls. They then proceed to the Farmer’s Market counter with their shopping basket of produce and select a base spirit with a Zeta ‘Cocktail Grocer’, who will hand craft a bespoke cocktail using their specific ingredients.

Guests can then choose a cocktail name and their drink and recipe will be recorded in their own receipt and photograph of their new creation.

Patrons can also opt for a Zeta Farmer’s Special, where the Zeta Grocer will talk them through a hand crafted cocktail, using ingredients picked fresh from the market. A DIY Bloody Mary Stall lets guests choose their own fusion of fresh tomatoes, herbs and spices for a custom-made version of the cocktail classic.

Zeta Bar's Grant Collins in the mix

Zeta Cocktail Grocer Waiters also wander through the Farmer’s Market with edible soil and edible jelly worms served in mini flower pots and guests must listen out for daily specials over the public address system.

The inventive Farmer’s Market concept is the brainchild of Grant Collins, Zeta Bar’s international bar consultant and mixologist and also showcases the very best of Zeta`s Mixologists, as they mix cocktails personalised for guests amongst an authentic array of Farmer’s Market stalls and fresh produce in Zeta.

“Zeta Bar is renowned for bringing the most prominent global bar trends to Australia and pioneering innovative cocktail concepts,” Collins said.

“The Farmer’s Market at Zeta is a quirky and interactive way to showcase the talent of our mixologists and highlight the extent of fresh, seasonal ingredients that we use in our cocktails. It is also a great chance to educate our guests on the creative construction and balancing of cocktails.

A 'Market Grocer' strains a cocktail at Zeta Bar

“To give a flavour of what’s in store, the Farmer’s Market spice tray will offer a huge choice, including cardamom, curry leaf, chilli and cumin, whilst the herb garden will have classic cocktail ingredients such as fresh mint, with lavender, fennel and tyme.

“There will be an extensive liquor and spirit range as well as some interesting infusions and an ‘unusual’ basket of surprises is on offer for those brave enough…you’ll have to come to the market to see what they are.”

The Zeta Bar Farmer’s Market is open for business every Friday from 6pm from May 4 for a limited time.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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