Travel agents are a key to winning family bookings at Club Med's resorts
Travel agents are a key to winning family bookings at Club Med's resorts

Club Med says it prides itself on its partnerships and relationships in the travel industry, “in particular the continuous and beneficial relationship it still nurtures with travel agents of all genres and levels”, when many other companies are withdrawing commissions and contact.

Results for ‘Travel With Kidz’ in 2011, released last month (Mar 2012) by Club Med, show an increase of over 30% in the number of passengers and a 14% increase in business volume, and families represent a high proportion of this figure out of Australia.

The upgrading of its resorts in nearby Bali, Bintan Island and Phuket, three most popular playgrounds for Aussie families, have resulted in school holiday periods being booked out, and travel agents such as Travel With Kidz are confident in promoting these resorts following high approval feedback results.

Club Med has worked with Travel With Kidz continuously since 2006, an agency group that specialises in family holidays worldwide.

Working with common synergies to deliver quality families holidays worldwide, both companies have planned and implemented strategies together, aimed at increasing sales through delivering quality training, real-time marketing support and offering hands-on-experience for TWK consultants through a systematic agent famils program.

“This continuous support from the Australian Club Med sales team has been fabulous over the past years, and our agents are very grateful to have first-hand or substantial knowledge of their products, allowing them in turn to advise their clients appropriately,” said Travel With Kidz Managing Director, Wendy Buckley.

“Travel With Kidz’s values include safety, fun, knowledge, experience and integrity, with the emphasis on safety for families while travelling with children.

“Club Med has been able to deliver a high quality of safety for families within their Resorts worldwide, and their Resorts offer a great variety of sports and activities, including Club Med Circus School and all levels of kids club programs.

“They guarantee interconnecting rooms at time of reservation with a choice of room types providing a comfortable resort experience.

“Club Med offers all day dining and snacking (perfect for hungry kids), a team of GOs (staff) to entertain and engage the kids everywhere, and as the all-inclusive holiday is prepaid this takes the stress off the family budget,” she said.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management