Crowne Plaza Adelaide
Crowne Plaza Adelaide

Crowne Plaza Adelaide will be a hive of creative activity as artists from across the world descend on the hotel for the Adelaide Fringe.

The hotel will host artists, producers, delegates and supporters as the official accommodation partner of the Adelaide Fringe incorporating Fuse Festival, the Honey Pot program and the Spirit Festival.

Further adding to Crowne Plaza Adelaide’s festival atmosphere from 24 February to 18 March, for the first time, the hotel will act as an official Adelaide Fringe venue for two events featuring talented international artists.

Crowne Plaza Adelaide will also host festival professionals, producers and programs from Adelaide Fringe’s Honey Pot program, which sees representatives from international festivals, including the UK, UAE and Asia Pacific scouring Fringe shows for Australian talent.

General Manager Brendon Meppem said that the hotel was looking forward to its second successful year of partnering with the Adelaide Fringe.

“Crowne Plaza Adelaide is pleased to support the Adelaide Fringe, Fuse Festival and the Spirit Festival,” he said.

“We expect to see more than 500 guests through the hotel across the Adelaide Fringe, Fuse Festival and Spirit Festival incorporating artists, supporters, Honey Pot program guests and Fringe fans.

“We’re also excited to be an Adelaide Fringe venue for the first time hosting two shows featuring talented international artists.

“Crowne Plaza Adelaide is the host venue for photography exhibition Adelaide as a Foreign Country by French artist Benoit Auberger and a stop-off point for New Zealand group Java Dance Company’s high-energy performance Back of the Bus,” he said.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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