It’s business as usual for the re-sellers and suppliers of Philips’ hospitality products in Australia and New Zealand despite the move from the Dutch company to outsource its marketing and distribution to Avico Electronics.

Speaking exclusively to HM, Avico Electronics’ General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Travis Anderson, said hotel customers would see relatively little change in how Philips products were sold and serviced in Australasia.

“It’s literally business as usual,” Anderson said. “For hotels, the only change is that there is a company now looking after the distribution rather than Philips direct.”

He said one key benefit with Avico Electronics now looking after Philips was “more products and better localised service”.

Anderson said Philips products would continue to be sold through resellers and suppliers –  such as Yardley Hospitality, JB Hi-Fi Commercial, Roy Batts Sales and Harvey Norman Commercial – and a larger range could soon be expected.

“We are looking at stocking the whole range of Philips Professional panels on top of what’s available now,” he said.

It is expected that up to 45 products will be available on top of the existing range currently available to hotels.

Philips’ hotel TV portfolio currently spans the hotel industry spectrum, with products for B&Bs right through to 5-star hotels.

Anderson, who was formerly Philips’ Hospitality Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand, said he was excited about the shift to Avico Electronics and the feedback to date had been extremely positive from both resellers and customers.

Hospitality industry consultant Ted Horner said the shifting of Philips’ distribution to Avico Electronics was good news for the industry.

“Having a company such as Avico, with their (18 years of) experience in AV and accessories, become the Philips distributor means that buyers can leverage off that knowledge and deal with a single company,” he said.

“This, I believe, will prove to be a great advantage to Hoteliers.”

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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