The Caravelle in Saigon
The Caravelle in Saigon


The Caravelle is a chic 5-star hotel situated opposite the Opera House and overlooking the renowned Dong Koi Street, with a rich history. The Caravelle is as much a part of Saigon as its hearty Phos and hectic traffic.

The Caravelle, part of the WorldHotels collection, is regarded as one of the city’s best establishments and this is reflected in the quality of the rooms, which are spacious and comfortable and complete with all the modern facilities one can expect from a 5-star accommodation.
The outdoor pool on the seventh floor is a real winner to escape the busy streets below and provides elevated tranquility in a city of 24/7 chaos and excitement. Other facilities include a business centre, a fitness centre, the Martini Bar, Saigon Bar, Club Vegas, Restaurant 19 and Reflections Restaurant

The Caravelle’s General Manager John Gardner said it’s important to retain the Caravelle’s historical significance, whilst remaining a modern and sort after 5-star destination.

“The Caravelle’s history makes it part of the fabric of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam in a way that very few hotels, anywhere, can be,” he told HM.

“It’s not ‘just’ a 5-star hotel, it’s something of a ‘character’ in the story of modern Vietnam’s development,” he said.

This 5-star property has all the comforts you need plus a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. It has a fantastic location near the markets, restaurants and cafes.

The expected renovations due to commence next year, will see this eclectic mix of architectural styles which currently co-exist, streamline into a cohesive space to create a fresh, new presence in Saigon.

With a focus on preservation of its history, sustainability and sleek modern features, the transformation will make it one hotel hard to top.

Lauren Resnick is the author of Princess with a Backpack.