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Air Austral drops Sydney and Noumea flights

Air Austral has dropped Sydney flights


Reunion Island’s Air Austral has decided to withdraw from Sydney and Noumea in a blow to inbound tourism for both destinations.

Air Austral had been operating Paris-Reunion-Sydney-Noumea flights and in a statement, the company said it was withdrawing from Australia and the South Pacific to focus on its routes to France.

“Following a review of its long haul operations in this difficult economic climate, and the continued impost of rising jet fuel prices, Air Austral has announced today its decision to withdraw operations on the Reunion – Sydney – Noumea and Reunion – Bangkok routes, and concentrate on flights between Reunion Island and France,” the airline said.

“The last Air Austral flight from Sydney will depart on 20 March, 2012, and all services which were scheduled beyond this date have now been removed from GDS.

“Air Austral is currently finalising details of its reprotection policy for passengers who were booked to travel on these routes beyond the closure dates, and this information will be distributed to travel agents once the policy is confirmed,” Air Austral said.

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