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AAA welcomes focus on Tasmanian air access

Increased flights will mean more visitors for some of Tasmania's hotels

The Accommodation Association of Australia has welcomed the establishment of a tourism access working group, which will examine issues surrounding aviation access to Tasmania.

The Association’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Munro, said the most effective way to achieve outcomes on this complex issue is through a collaborative approach.

“The accommodation industry in Tasmania congratulates the State Government and the Minister for Tourism and Hospitality, Scott Bacon, for their focus on aviation access,” Munro said.

“For our members – who represent more than 1000 accommodation rooms across the state – ensuring there are timely and affordable flights to Tasmania is vital.”

However, Munro said it is not merely a matter of airlines charging too much for fares.

“Our industry recognises that supply and demand will ultimately determine the price of seats on flights to and from Tasmania,” Munro said.

“But there are opportunities to strengthen the messages Tasmania is sending to potential visitors, while the accommodation industry is also willing to explore cooperative marketing initiatives.”

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