Billington's 'Little White Yacht'
Billington's 'Little White Yacht'

Set to complement the hotel’s extensive renovation, Park Hyatt Sydney has commissioned a fine collection of renowned Australian artists to create a gallery of photographs, paintings and sculptures to reflect Australia’s many unique characteristics.

“Park Hyatt Sydney is committed to featuring Australian artists to bring the local culture to life in the hotel along with creating a residential environment rich with artworks,” said Park Hyatt Sydney’s General Manager, Andrew Mensforth. “We look forward to re-opening the hotel in late December 2011 and showcasing our exceptional Australian art to our ever discerning local and international guests.”

Seven carefully selected artists have been commissioned including Australian painter Tim Johnson, Australian photographer Robert Billington, sculptor Bruce Armstrong, sculptor Robert Bridgewater, sculptor Peter D. Cole, carver G.W. Bot and prints by Julia Silvester.

Australian painter Tim Johnson will create large powerful pieces that embrace the spiritual iconography of the cultures of indigenous Australia.

Renowned sculptor Bruce Armstrong will be creating a sculpture of a Janus head, made of native red gum. This unique piece represents the story of the close friendship forged between Bennelong, the Chief of the Aboriginal tribe which inhabited the Rocks area, and Captain Arthur Phillip, Captain of the First Fleet and the first Governor of NSW who named Sydney. One side of the Janus head will feature Bennelong, with Captain Phillip on the other side.

Added to the mix, Robert Bridgewater, another highly respected Australian sculptor will produce pieces for the entrance and lobby areas. Taking inspiration from the magnificent harbour, he has designed pieces which depict waves and water, providing a sense of place, with all elements sourced locally from the Rocks area, including sandstone and detritus, washed up from Sydney Harbour.

the 'Coat of Arms' by Julia Silvester

Australian Photographer, Robert Billington will bring his quirky street shots of Sydney, and black and white images of the Australian landscape, to the contemporary interiors of Park Hyatt Sydney. Many facets of the city will feature heavily throughout his work, and will provide guests with a strong sense of place and of being in the heart of the city of Sydney.

G.W. Bot has been commissioned to produce designs for the large-scale sandstone panels adorning the entry and other key locations throughout the new hotel.  Ms Bot is also creating several series of limited edition prints related to these designs to be displayed in guestrooms and public areas.

Peter D. Cole’s sculptures for the corridors and guestrooms take inspiration from the watercolour drawings of indigenous fauna by colonial artist, George Raper, and are interpreted in his contemporary style. 

Julia Silvester has been commissioned to produce three series of limited edition prints for guestrooms, suites and public areas. Her work will reproduce convict landscape painter Joseph Lycett’s works by way of coloured lithographs. 

With an abundance of aesthetic works filtering throughout the hotel, this art gallery environment will reflect that of a private residence and represent all that is Australian. Art pieces will flow from the lobby to corridors, guest rooms to suites, private dining rooms, event spaces and the newly designed restaurant and bar.