Virgin Australia's domestic busines class
Virgin Australia's domestic busines class


Less than a week after announcing flights between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney would soon feature Business Class on selected services, Virgin Australia has decided to roll-out the new cabin on routes nationally.

The move, which comes into effect from January 18, 2012, positions Virgin Australia closer to Qantas’ corporate travel offering and also means Australian travellers will now have a choice of Business Class on two domestic carriers on a regular basis for the first time since the demise of Ansett in 2001.

Virgin Australia Group Executive Commercial Liz Savage said Business Class would be on offer on the airline’s fleet of Airbus A330, Boeing 737 and Embraer E190 aircraft on domestic services.

“With Business Class now on sale across our domestic network, for the first time in almost a decade, travellers will have a choice in Business Class within the Australian domestic market,” she said.

“Importantly, while we will provide an exceptional Business Class experience, our pricing is extremely competitive, with fares starting from as little as $359.”

Virgin Australia launched Business Class on Australian domestic flights in May when Airbus A330 aircraft were introduced to the fleet for flights between Perth and the eastern seaboard.

A decision is yet to be made about the future plans for Business Class on Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue flights.