Music is the focus for Vibe Hotels
Music is the focus for Vibe Hotels

 A recent survey by Vibe Hotels investigating holiday habits has revealed that Australian travellers secretly sing in the shower, listen to chillout playlists and dream of being Nelly (that is, flying first class and sitting next to Barry White).
Following the appointment of Australia’s first Hotel Music Director, Robert Conley, and the release of their fourth CD, which hit number six on the official ARIA chart, Vibe Hotels have conducted the study with almost 800 participants to see how music fits in with their travel preferences.
A majority vote (33%) declared that chillout was the preferred holiday track list theme, with the same percentage listing an iPod or mp3 player as their essential ingredient for chillout time on holidays.
One third of respondents also admitted to singing in the shower behind closed doors, although it wasn’t all about music… the number one diva demand for the ultimate chillout suite was an endless complimentary mini bar.
With the average respondent spending AUD$10-AUD$50 on their music addiction each month, chilout was the second most common reason for checking into a hotel (discovering a new city came in first place).
 “Vibe Hotels is a brand that is associated with music (and) we just wanted to be sure that our music offering was what our guests wanted,” Conley said. “The solid feedback from the Vibe CD: The Chillout Suite, as well as the top ten ARIA position, has confirmed that we’re on beat.”

Some of the key findings in the Vibe Survey (conducted online via Survey Monkey of 775 Australian men and women during June-July 2011.) included:
-33% want to listen to a chillout playlist, followed by party;
-33% believe an iPod or mp3 player is essential for chillout time on holidays;
-30% sing in the shower;
-33% want an endless complimentary mini-bar;
-63% would travel First Class next to Barry White on tour; and
-50% spend AUD$10-AUD$50 on music each month, while 9% spend more.