Air New Zealand has teamed up with Richard Simmons

Air New Zealand’s safety ambassador for its new inflight safety video is US fitness legend Richard Simmons.  

Starting this week, Simmons will be putting Air New Zealand customers through their paces, as he takes them step-by-step through the airline’s pre-flight safety briefing.  

The inflight video features Air New Zealand cabin crew and Les Mills fitness instructors working out in colourful lycra, fluorescent leg warmers and sweat bands.

Simmons is also assisted in conveying the key safety messages with some celebrity cameo roles by the Amazing Race presenter Phil Keoghan, sporting a bright yellow headband, television personality Paul Henry, in orange shorts and pink sweat band, and Silver Fern Temepara George in some stunning silver hot pants.

Watch carefully and you may even catch a glimpse of Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe who donned pink shorts and a purple head band for the occasion.

Simmons, accompanied by the cabin crew, shows passengers the essential safety information, including how to “stretch like a giraffe” to put baggage into the overhead lockers, and Simmons’ favourite move “the duck”.

‘Fit to Fly’ follows on from the airline’s hugely successful recent inflight safety videos, which have totalled more than 7,000,000 views on YouTube, including ‘Bare Essentials of Safety’ which featured body-painted staff and ‘Crazy About Rugby’ featuring All Blacks players including captain Richie McCaw.

Air New Zealand General Manager Marketing and Communications Mike Tod says the new in-flight safety briefing again features Air New Zealand cabin crew, working alongside Simmons, to convey the safety messages.  

“Safety is paramount and non-negotiable at Air New Zealand, and Fit to Fly will again get our passengers sitting up and taking notice of these important pre-flight messages in an engaging and fun way,” Tod says.  “Simmons’ fitness moves will definitely ensure that all eyes are on the safety briefing.”

The new ‘Fit to Fly’ safety video goes live today onboard Air New Zealand’s narrowbody aircraft fleets, and will also be showing on the airline’s widebody aircraft from 1 May.

The music track featured on the inflight safety video is a specially recorded version of Yazz’s 1980s hit record ‘The Only Way is Up’, performed by New Zealand singer Leza Corban.

The new safety video and exclusive behind-the-scenes content with some hilarious additional dance-offs with Phil Keoghan, Temepara George and Paul Henry can be viewed at  

Rico and Snoop Dogg

Air NZ also collaborates on a song with Snoop Dogg

Working with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Dr. Dre, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, international hip-hop sensation Snoop Dogg laid down the beats earlier this month with Kiwis’ favourite risqué puppet, Rico.

Air New Zealand’s furry mascot who is known for his infamous and exceptionally flirty viral ads promoting the airline’s new Skycouch, was recently flown to Los Angeles to collaborate on a new hit track launching a week before the release of Snoop’s new album, “Doggumentary.”

Rico is thrilled to announce his debut single featuring Snoop Dogg, Hello Sunshine – hitting the airwaves just a few days ahead of Snoop’s album release on March 28th.  With Rico’s legendary New Zealand charm and Snoop’s West Coast flare, Hello Sunshine promises to be a big hit.  Music lovers and fans are able to see Hello Sunshine at

With the millions of people who have grown to love and adore Rico’s antics on YouTube, as well as Snoop Dogg’s millions of followers, there is guaranteed to be major buzz surrounding this very amusing viral video.

Snoop and Rico have developed a close relationship, and the rapper had only the best to say about his new New Zealand protégé. 

“Meet this guy and you’ll understand why I wanted to work with him. He’s funny. He’s a little bit edgy and a little bit naughty, which is a nice change for an industry that is known for having some of the dullest marketing known to mankind,” said Snoop.

Rico says he has been a huge fan of Snoop Dogg since he was born.

“I love all kinds of music including Snoop Dogg, David Bowie, Chromeo and Stevie Wonder. They inspire me, and I have even written a song myself, “Love Popsicle,” which Air New Zealand allowed me to sing briefly in one of my videos I did for them. Working with Snoop is a dream come true. I have also always dreamt of singing with Lady Gaga or meeting Justin Beiber, – I think they are hot and, well…I am Gaga for Bieber Fever!”

Meantime, Snoop is excited to announce his upcoming tour to Australia and London – following the Air New Zealand routes to each destination.  Excited about the All Blacks aspirations in 2011, Snoop showed his Kiwi pride by wearing his New Zealand All Blacks rugby team Adidas jersey in the video, Hello Sunshine, to show his international love for the country and the sport.

Air New Zealand General Manager Marketing Mike Tod says Snoop Dogg and Rico combined have millions of followers in social media and performing a song together came naturally.

“Both have courted controversy in their careers and both love to sing – arguably one better than the other, but still, it makes for some light entertainment,” Tod says.

Rico and Snoop Dogg completed the song and music video at Wavaflow Studios in Hollywood, previously owned by famed 1940’s singer/actress Carmen Miranda.