By James Wilkinson in Brisbane

Brisbane’s Flight Simulator 737 is attracting significant attention from business and leisure travellers looking for new experiences in the Queensland capital.

In an exclusive video interview with HM, Simjet Managing Director Nicholas Kranenburg said the Boeing 737 flight simulator, which is used by a number of airlines for training pilots and has only been in operation for a number of weeks, has attracted significant attention from hotels.

“It is a unique opportunity to come and fly an aircraft that is used for training pilots,” he said.

“You can fly anywhere in the world, over bridges, under bridges, slalom courses if you really want to and find out what it’s really like for the person sitting up the front that you take for granted,” Kranenburg said.

Based at Archerfield Airport, the simulator features world-first satellite imaging technology to recreate not only a range of flight experiences and conditions but realistic takeoffs and landings at more than 90,000 airports.

Click on the image above to see an exclusive video interview with Kranenburg in the cockpit of the Boeing 737.