The Quincy 'Experience Makers' are led by Andrew Edwards, Adam Woodfield and General Manager, Christian Price.

There’s a great quote from the much adored children’s author, Dr Seuss, which reads ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’

Perhaps, no truer words better exemplify the soul of Quincy Hotel Melbourne, which recently opened its doors in Flinders Lane, throwing in its own flair, character and indulgence in a city that may be Australia’s best example of a place that embraces everybody as they are.

In Melbourne, you’ll find unique expressionism everywhere you turn. You’ll walk along laneways with colourful graffiti featuring slogans like ‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it’. This street art culture is everything Melbourne stands for and embraces individualism, which makes Quincy such a perfect fit. Its colour, pizzazz and quirks make it impossible to ignore, even to the most snobbish of socialites who crave conformity and convention. Even they can find a home with Quincy.

A Deluxe Room at Quincy Hotel Melbourne – one of the 241 rooms on offer.

Perhaps the perfect example of ‘Quincy Q-uriosity’ is the hotel’s General Manager, Christian Price. Bound by a personal philosophy of being true to yourself, Price was awakened by an experience working with globally acclaimed Japanese culinary artist, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa – yes, that Nobu – who taught Christian the art of being yourself without going ‘over the top’. This and other lessons came during six years in charge of Nobu’s Melbourne restaurant at Crown Melbourne from 2008.

“He always said ‘be more genuine and good things will come’… and he was right! It really made me flourish in my job and made me happier outside of work because I wasn’t trying to be something I’m not,” Price said.

Returning to 2021 and Price’s new home at Quincy Melbourne feels like the completion of a full circle, which he labels as his ‘dream job’ leading a brand which encourages his passions for authentic individuality, unfettered fun, unexpected surprises, meaningful connection, and intoxicating Southeast Asian flavours.

Quincy Hotel Melbourne General Manager, Christian Price.

“For guests, nothing will ever be too hard – and that’s because at Quincy Melbourne, every member of the team shares in the responsibility of ensuring needs are met before demand. It’s why we’re all called Q-rators,” Price adds.

The hotel is now on the lookout for many more ‘Q-rators’ to help it continue embracing every character that comes through its doors. A major recruitment drive is set to begin for chefs, waiters, baristas, guest service managers, receptionists, porters, duty managers and much more. Energy, enthusiasm and eccentricity are key qualities needed, and the most colourful personalities will fit right in.

Each of the 241 rooms at Quincy Melbourne reflects the city’s eclectic laneway culture while combining it with all of the creature comforts one would expect in a modern hotel room. Along with spacious design, guests can enjoy delicious bubble tea and Vietnamese coffee at SingSong, which begins in the lobby and extends out to the laneway.

Melbourne’s laneway and street art culture is internationally renowned.

Guests can complete their big experience at Quincy Melbourne’s stylish enclosed rooftop swimming pool – one of the highest in Melbourne – offering views over the city. On the same level, guests will find an opportunity to indulge in a delectable small plate and cocktail menu at ‘The Q’, located alongside. The dining adventure continues on Level 1, with the Salted Egg restaurant and bar taking over the entire floor.

As a truly international city, Quincy has already left its mark on Melbourne. The memories will only continue as more individuals from around the world continue to embrace ‘make yourself at Quincy’ and find their muse in this colourful world of quirk and indulgence.

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