Hub OS supports all aspects of hotel operations, from housekeeping and engineering to supplier management and guest experience, creating a holistic approach to service delivery.

Its intuitive, user-friendly platform provides staff with easy access to real time data 24/7 and gives guests tools to self-serve conveniently from their own device.

“HUB has made everything better for us. Rooms are quicker to allocate, there is much more time for us on the floors, rooms are getting released earlier and we’re able to inspect rooms faster.  I’m also having to walk around the hotel much less and radio contact is now minimal.  Everything is just more efficient!” – Crowne Plaza Terrigal, NSW.

The power of Hub’s workflow management, centralised communication function and guest engagement technology, offers the ability to replace multiple systems and create seamless, collaborative processes on one platform, that will ultimately drive guest satisfaction whilst saving $$’s on multiple licence fees.

Its comprehensive quality standards and reporting capability arms management and owners with easy to digest KPI tracking to drive general day to day operations but is also a powerful BI tool that will assist future strategic planning and highlight cost saving opportunities.

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