When it comes to international holidays, Australia is high on the wish-list for many Asian travellers. But not all markets are equal, and securing the right traveller at the right time can be difficult for busy hotel owners.

New search data from Agoda shows the number of international travellers looking for an Australian getaway increased by 300 per cent in the past six months.

Within that, certain markets are hotter than others. For example, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are important emerging markets, with visitors looking to experience Australia’s culture, food, wine, nature and wildlife.

But with plenty of competition, and a challenging global economy, it’s more important than ever for hotels to stand out to these potential travellers in meaningful ways.

That’s why Agoda is leveraging its Asian expertise and working closely with its Australian hotel partners to develop successful strategies, such as a new discount offered through the International Rate Channel. https://partnerhub.agoda.com/international-rate-channel-australia/

Agoda’s multi-faceted marketing strategies increase hotels’ visibility, and uses its technology to reach travellers and help turn their needs and desires into actual bookings. This includes dedicated landing pages featuring Welcome Back properties, marketing exposure via push notifications, social media and Agoda Media Solutions banners.

The new international discount rate is offered directly to travellers on the Agoda site, providing an incentive for travellers to book great value deals, as well as a worthwhile investment for accommodation partners, simply because it can translate  maximise inventory, filling empty rooms for longer.

That’s because international travellers tend to stay longer than domestic visitors, they’re far less likely to cancel, and they check in throughout the week, not just on weekends. This helps hotels to better manage their bookings. International travellers also tend to spend more within hotels – for example, making use of the hotel’s restaurants, spas or other facilities.

Innovating with products that appeal to price sensitive customers can attract new travellers to Australia and particularly to our accommodation partners.

For more information about Agoda’s discount through the International Rate Channel, visit: https://partnerhub.agoda.com/international-rate-channel-australia/