As international travel reignites, travellers are embracing the opportunity to reconnect with family, according to a new study by Hilton.

After years of closed borders and restrictions, this desire for family connection is influencing a variety of travellers’ decisions, from room configurations to activities.

The survey of over 1,000 people across Australia and five additional SE Asian markets, found that 51% of Australians now place a lot more thought in planning for family-friendly activities during trips.

Confirmed room upgrades are considered to be an important feature for 61% of Australians, with travellers saying this can give families greater peace of mind.

The desire for meaningful connections extends to demand for shared food and beverage experiences. Across all markets, having a variety of food and beverage offerings on site is a top consideration when booking hotels and resorts.

“More than ever, we see consumers raring to travel again to reclaim the human experience,” said Hilton Senior Vice President and Commercial director, Asia Pacific, Ben George. 

“Our findings clearly showcase pent-up desires to reconnect with family and disconnect from the hustle. With constant video conferencing and the incessant ping of messaging apps, everyone is in digital overdrive. In this recovery climate, travel in itself – from new experiences to unforgettable hotel stays – will be part of a journey to feel human again.”

High demand for pet travel

The Asia-Pacific study follows Hilton’s 2022 Global Trends Report, which predicted that demand for pet travel is expected to increase significantly this year due to spikes in pet ownership over the last two years.

Certain markets in Asia Pacific, like China, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore, all reported surges in pet ownership.

According to 2021 Hilton booking data, the “pet friendly” booking filter has been the third most used search filter on

Hilton’s survey found that 7 in 10 Gen Z or Millennial pet parents are more likely to travel in the future if pets are welcome.

“Being pet friendly is an important attribute of a growing number of our Hilton brands, like Home2 Suites. As that brand expands to new markets, we’re proud to offer pet friendly accommodations to our guests, especially in places like China, where pet ownership is a growing trend,” said Hilton Chief Brand and Communications Officer, Matt Schuyler.