The new Origins range from A.H. Beard is Australia's first fully recyclable and sustainable mattress.

Multi-generational bedding manufacturer A.H. Beard has pulled the covers back on a new range it says is Australia’s first collection of fully recyclable and sustainable mattresses.

Designed to address the problem of more than 1.8 million used mattresses making their way to landfill each year, the new A.H. Beard Origins range is aimed at providing a solution for environmentally conscious Australians eager to take another step towards ensuring a better future for the planet. The company says the range will serve as a key pillar for its ongoing growth over the next five years.

Origins mattresses are all hand-made from locally sourced wool fibres and fabrics milled from organic cotton and Tencel – an ultra-soft fibre made from sustainably-grown Eucalypt pulp. Mattresses also contain a 100% recyclable pocket spring support system but unlike traditional mattresses, do not contain foam or glue, which allows for end-of-life disassembly and for components to be recycled and repurposed into new products.

Each Origins mattress is made from locally sourced wool and organic fabrics from milled cotton.

The range features three models, all of which are available on both a commercial and retail basis to both industry customers as well as consumers direct.

A.H. Beard CEO, Tony Pearson, said he was proud to lead the way in developing Australia’s first truly circular sustainable sleep range.

“A.H. Beard has always been a driving force behind mattress recycling in Australia and we couldn’t rest until we had created Australia’s first fully recyclable mattresses,” Pearson said.

“Our hope is to inspire others to join us in creating mattresses that are as good for your sleep as they are for people and the planet.”

The Origins range comes in three models, available to both commercial partners and consumers directly.

The Origins range has contributed to A.H. Beard receiving Platinum Health Rate certification from Global Green Tag, one of the world’s most stringent and rigorous sustainability advocates and accreditation bodies. The company says it will continue to invest in a local workforce, maintaining and expanding its current team of 400 across six manufacturing plants.

A comprehensive training program upskilling its manufacturing teams will be undertaken to ensure workers can adapt to the hand-made nature of the new range.

The new range builds on the ‘Recycle My Mattress’ initiative founded in 2016 and administered by the not-for-profit Australian Bedding Stewardship Council, of which fourth-generation family member and A.H Beard Chairman, Garry Beard, is a founding member.

A.H. Beard CEO, Tony Pearson

Other bedding manufacturer members include Tempur, Koala, FutureSleep, Sleepmaker and Sealy along with a variety of major bedding retailers and component suppliers. With the support of funding secured from the Australian Government, the initiative aims to raise awareness of circular supply chains for mattresses and bedding and direct used mattresses away from landfill and toward an appropriate material recovery process.

“We want to be a creator of community wellbeing and are committed to becoming the most sustainable and ethical business across all our operations,” Pearson added.

“Our team is on a mission to educate the world on the benefits of premium sustainable sleep, and we take great pride and responsibility in growing and evolving our business in a healthy way to have a positive impact on our world.”