Ritz Carlton Perth – A Future Food Project

Future Food are leaders in Food & Hospitality Consulting to the hotel industry, partnering with developers and hotel operators around the world to maximise the benefit food and beverage can bring to their property.

Australia, the once forgotten neighbour in the world of luxury hotel brands, is finally being recognised as a lucrative market by leading global hotel companies and every key player wants a stake.

FV by Peppers – A Future Food Project

Many industry experts have questioned the justification for such an influx of new brands to the market and questioned where this demand was coming from, yet the announcements keep coming and from Future Food’s perspective, so too do the consultancies.

Future Food have been engaged to work on well over a dozen new hotel consultancies around Australia in the past two years, delivering F&B strategies, ascertaining F&B feasibility, conducting gap analysis and curating F&B concepts for a host of hotel brands in the mid-tier, premium and ultra-premium markets.

As specialist Food & Hospitality Consultants, Future Food’s involvement in these projects typically occurs in the initial stages of hotel planning, to help inform the architectural design from a fit-for-purpose operational perspective, to devise the direction for food and beverage and progress the design, look & feel for the chosen concept.

Ritz Carlton Perth – A Future Food Project

This increased competition in a tightly contested market has accentuated the need to fight to attract customers and secure market share in a constantly evolving landscape.

Future Food have witnessed this shift first-hand as existing hotels are seeking specialist advice and consultancy support to refine their food and beverage proposition and reposition and refresh their offer to enabling them to remain relevant.

Food and beverage is being used as an anchor to give hotels greater credibility within the competitive landscape to safeguard a revenue stream, when reliance on room revenue is so ambiguous.

Sebel Ringwood – A Future Food Project

With new to market hotels seeking to establish first-class restaurants and aspirational concepts and existing hotels seeking to enhance their antiquated offering, Future Food are remaining highly active in this space and regardless of room occupancy levels, the future of food and beverage in hotels is looking bright!


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