Lavazza is a fourth-generation, family-owned coffee roaster. Established in 1895 in Turin, Italy, Lavazza shares your passion for hospitality, food service and the premium experience. Delivering a global brand with the complete hotel portfolio, Lavazza offers you the perfect coffee solution for in-room relaxation, conferencing, dining, or watching the world go by.

Experience tailor-made solutions from commercial machines to in-room and breakfast-bar essentials – including tea and hot chocolate. Lavazza’s comprehensive portfolio ticks all the hotel boxes.

Consistent, high-quality coffee experience

We select our coffee from the best origins across the world. This results in a distinctive portfolio of coffee blends and formats for all hotel coffee occasions. The coffee is roasted with leading-edge technology, this ensures a delicious and consistent coffee experience for your guests every time they visit.

Lavazza BLUE Closed Capsule System, the perfect in-room coffee

The Lavazza BLUE range combines innovative, closed capsule technology with 12 carefully selected blends, including “double” capsules. This provides hotel guests with a premium in room experience, and you with the confidence that the coffee capsules are not compatible with domestic coffee machines.
Speak to us to learn more about our closed capsule trial program for hotels.

Customised branding solutions

Every hotel is different, which is why there is a bespoke solution to meet unique needs. Want to upgrade your in-room experience? Keen to align the lobby cafe experience with your premium brand? Want to pull more foot traffic into your hotel? Lavazza can help with various collaborative marketing activities.

World-class coffee training

Ensure your staff get the latest in coffee knowledge and skill to guarantee the greatest in-cup quality and guest experience. Lavazza’s Global Training Centres and the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) support our local training programs.

To learn more about Lavazza’s unique hotel offering visit our hotel page or contact Kate Webb on 0417 454 199 or Click here to read case studies with premium Australian hotels who partner with Lavazza.