Are you expecting a big rise in occupancy this Christmas break? We are speaking with Justin Jones from ahs hospitality to learn how outsourcing could be the solution to our industry’s labour shortage.

Q: What are the benefits of outsourcing hotel services?

A: There are so many reasons why outsourcing hotel services is considered highly valuable in the hotel industry – the benefits include increased resources, optimised processes, and highly focused expertise. This means less time spent on administrative and operational work for the in-house hotel team, freeing them up to focus on opportunities to enhance guest experience in other areas of the hotel.

Q: What makes outsourcing housekeeping services so attractive?

A: The increased cost-effectiveness, flexibility and fully trained workforce that is available for labour hire for any length of time combined with access to industry-first innovations. As we have seen during the pandemic, hotel bookings have been unreliable and consequently so has the labour market. The flexibility of outsourcing hotel housekeeping means that once occupancy rates rise we have skilled labour ready to meet fluctuating demand and provide peace-of-mind for management.

Q: Why should hotels outsource their housekeeping services to ahs hospitality?

We manage and guarantee compliance across all requirements, including Occupational Health and Safety, contractual and the Fair Work Act, allowing the hotels we partner with to mitigate their risk. Supported by our own dedicated and experienced leadership, Human Resources, Legal, Safety, Marketing and Payroll teams, we offer our clients a comprehensive support network. We have also trialled and adopted some of the latest housekeeping innovations to improve efficiencies including our client app that features real-time operations data for each client. Finally, our shift engagements start from as few as 4 hours, making us a cost-effective option when filling unexpected workforce gaps.

To speak with Justin about how ahs hospitality can support your housekeeping services please email him at or call him on 03 8629 1194.