Enhance hotel security and streamline labor resources with Vostio Access Management, the industry’s first true cloud-based system. As a software- and online-based platform, Vostio Access Management and addresses newly discovered threats without the need to replace existing hardware. Security updates are performed instantly and automatically, and any required maintenance is also performed automatically offsite. Labor resources typically devoted to maintaining an onsite system may be redirected to other tasks, and the physical space occupied by onsite servers are regained.

Security threats are unpredictable by nature, and hotel staff response times can be critical. With Vostio Access Management’s cloud-based design, hotels can monitor and control security access operations from an off-premise, internet-connected device. Employees can react to a sudden event with aided efficiency, assisting in the swift implementation of response measures.

With reducing physical contact as a concern in many guests’ minds, Vostio Access Management equips hoteliers with advanced contactless check-in services. Employees can extend guest stays and carry out room reassignment requests digitally, without requiring front desk services or physical key cards. With the ability to use Vostio Access Management from an off-premise device, hoteliers can ensure that staff members are provided the opportunity to social distance, too. With hotel labor resources significantly limited, Vostio Access Management can equip employees with the ability to simultaneously and effectively carry out their responsibilities.