Vibe Hotel Hobart has plugged its rates into SiteMinder's new Multi-Property platform.

Open hotel commerce platform, SiteMinder, has launched a new rate distribution and management platform it says will simplify the task for revenue managers of individually inputting rate plans across multiple properties of similar standards.

The new SiteMinder Multi-Property platform is aimed at hotel chains with multiple locations and is designed to see rate plans entered once and for the details to be disseminated across multiple properties, freeing up the time for revenue managers to focus on strategic revenue generation.

The new system takes advantage of access to more than 1,000 property management systems, channel managers, booking channels and hotel applications.

Quest Ascot opened in Perth in late 2020 and has migrated to the SiteMinder Multi-Property platform.

Sales and tactical campaigns across an entire network of properties will also be easier with the new system, SiteMinder says, with the system able to run continuous setup health checks and produce customised reports.

Early adopters of the new system include TFE Hotels. The company’s Director of Revenue, Amanda Hoolihan, says the system allows her to enter rates “all in one go, for all hotels” with around 16 days of work being saved each year. Another brand reporting efficiency gains is Quest Apartment Hotels, which operates numerous properties in city and suburban locations across its franchise network.

Quest’s Chief Revenue and Distribution Officer, Mark Tierney, says the time taken to enter new rate strategies has been reduced from 160 hours to “about five minutes”.

“Consumers don’t see all the work behind the scenes, they just get frustrated when sites don’t load quickly. We know there’s a huge technical component to providing a smooth guest experience online and SiteMinder has met that,” Tierney said.

Quest Apartment Hotels uses the SiteMinder platform to manage rates across multiple franchised locations.

Other adopters of the new tech include Minor Hotels, Nesuto Hotels and StayWell Hospitality Group.

SiteMinder says the launch of its new system comes at a crucial time as travel markets reopen while the industry remains hampered by a skills shortage, with the new software aimed at boosting efficiency, staying nimble and driving stronger revenue outcomes.

 SiteMinder Chief Product Officer, Inga Latham, said legacy distribution systems often have imposed high costs and provide many different features that often go unused.

“We’ve worked closely with revenue and distribution professionals for many years and know that, more than any other hotel segment, multi-property groups are held back by traditional technology and fragmented structures,” Latham said.