Hyatt was the leading hotel operator to feature in the 2021 RepTrak Sentiment Survey.

Four major hotel groups have been named among a list of the Top 100 global companies by market and consumer reputation in a new ranking conducted by world leading reputation data and insights firm, The Reptrak Company.

The 2021 edition of the company’s ‘Global RepTrak 100’ featured Hyatt Hotels, Marriott International, IHG Hotels and Resorts and Hilton, along with several other travel and tourism operators, among a list of the 100 most trusted and favourable brands in the world.

Hyatt led the way for the hotel, hospitality and tourism sector, coming in at #24, followed by Marriott International at #35, IHG Hotels and Resorts at #73 and Hilton at #86. Other travel brands among the Top 100 by reputation included Singapore Airlines (#38), Lufthansa (#52), Emirates (#69), (#96) while Airbus rounded out the list at #100. Luxury brand collective LVMH, which owns hotel marketing brand Belmond and jeweller-slash-hotelier Bvlgari, was also ranked at #63.

The Lego Group retained its spot on top, named the world’s No 1 company based on consumer sentiment.

Companies in the Top 10 included The Lego Group, Rolex, Ferrari, The Bosch Group, Harley-Davidson, Canon, Adidas, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft and Sony, with some other notable entries including Netflix, Google, Visa, Ikea, Apple, Aldi, Amazon among several global car manufacturers, technology companies and retail giants.

The annual RepTrak survey, which began in 2004, analyses global sentiment among consumers using data science and machine learning techniques across multiple industries and geographies, with its predictive insights drawn upon to protect and improve business value among consumers and shareholders.

Reputation Scores demonstrate a strong positive relationship with business outcomes, such as stakeholders’ willingness to buy, recommend or trust a company to do the right thing in a time of crisis.

Singapore Airlines was the leading airline among several to feature in the list.

Results are based on an analysis of millions of data points organised across seven ‘reputation drivers’ including ‘Products and Services’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Workplace, Governance’, ‘Citizenship’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Financial Performance’.

Utilising these data-driven methods, RepTrak studies the connection felt between consumers and global brands based on various media reviews and referrals and how consumers respond to brands based on what they say and do.

Minimum criteria for a company to be considered in the global ranking required global revenue of more than USD$2 billion, a minimum reputation score of more than 67.3 out of 100 based on RepTrak’s reputation intelligence database and to achieve an average familiarity threshold above 20% in 15 countries measured by RepTrak.