The shift in hotel occupancy is now focused on the leisure guest and with that comes the expectation of contactless services and flexibility to interact with your in-room guest technology. 

Does your property provide the convenience of home and that includes being able to view their favourite programs when they want to?

The ability to stream media apps such as Netflix and Youtube by way of their mobile device is now the most important content in a guest room.

HoneyBadger Technologies is the leading provider of SONIFI STAYCAST powered by Google Chromecast and can provide your hotel with a safer environment and more efficient operations

Every year over 500M guests use SONIFI® technology worldwide.

With great technology, leading entertainment solutions and a higher than average ROI, this provides your hotel with excellent value.

Let your guests have a safe and seamless experience, using our touchless offering* they will be in control during their stay.

HoneyBadger Technologies solutions offer:

  • Streaming with STAYCAST™ powered by Google Chromecast
  • Personalised digital offerings to your guests
  • Effortless energy management including power saving on TV
  • Seamless control of multiple systems via the guest’s mobile device
  • In-room TV control and channel changing

Every hospitality business is unique and HoneyBadger Technologies provide you with the opportunity to fully customise your management system to your needs. With our unparalleled service and commitment to the industry we are with you 24/7.


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*Some features described may require additional software, hardware, licensing and costs. HoneyBadger Technologies is an official partner and service provider of SONIFI ®.