Accor Chaiman and CEO, Sebastien Bazin.

Travel is a resilient industry and innovated quickly to respond to the challenges of 2020.

It is likely that the COVID-19 crisis is an accelerator of existing consumer trends and societal evolutions. For example, [the] transformation of ways of working and consumers seeking out more authentic and meaningful experiences.

Global travel restrictions mean that we are expecting the strong focus on domestic and local travel to continue and there will be a phased return of business travel. There are high internet searches for leisure and travel, which indicates the high value that people place on travel – they want to travel again and enjoy their free time with unique experiences and socialising.

Accor recently joined forces with Faena to expand the luxury lifestyle brand into new markets.

After lockdown or restricted movement, what people are looking for now are experiences – spa treatments to rejuvenate and relax, cocktails by the pool, kids club activities for their children, room service dinners, celebrating all those lost moments like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries – all things that can be enjoyed at a hotel, apartment or resort.

Asia Pacific is showing early signs of recovery, which is testament to the vibrancy and strength of the region. The development pipeline for luxury and lifestyle hotels is remarkable and customers will be delighted by the quality and range of choice available to them.